How to Fund Your Cell Phone Repair Franchise FeeAlthough the prospect of a new business is exciting, it can also be intimidating. You, like many potential owners, may be unsure how to fund your cell phone repair franchise fee. At iDropped we believe that making the process as easy as possible is the key to your success, which is why we’ve partnered with Benetrends Financial, a leader in business funding opportunities.

Before we begin discussing how to fund your cell phone repair franchise fee, let’s take a look at exactly what that fee entails.

For a standard, one unit iDropped location the initial franchise fee is $30,000. If you’re interested in going bigger right away, a multi-unit franchise for 3 iDropped locations is $75,000.

As with many other types of business, there are several factors that will impact your costs. For example, the size and layout of your unit or structure will determine cost, as well as the geographical area. While iDropped Designed Kiosks start out at 25K, it could cost 50K for full builds, depending on your needs.

The initial investment required is typically between $58,000 and $120,000, however, we currently offer an incentive program to help reduce these costs. For more information on the iDropped incentive program, click here.

Cell Phone Repair Franchise Fee Options

And along with the variety of franchise options, there is also a variety of funding options to meet your needs with Benetrends Financial. Currently offering numerous, popular programs, Benetrends can help you achieve your franchise ownership dreams by securing reliable, affordable funding for your cell phone repair franchise fee and initial start-up costs.

Some of their most popular programs include:

  • Rainmaker Plan® which allows you to buy a business using your retirement funds
  • SBA Preferred FastTrack Loan program
  • Securities Backed Line of Credit
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Conventional Business Loans.

No matter what type of funding you need, Benetrends is ready to help. For more information about iDropped cell phone repair franchise fees and Benetrends funding click here.

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How to Fund Your Cell Phone Repair Franchise Fee

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